Bee hive

The lamp is made of polyuretan, elastic tube. All the layers of the tube are melted one on another, so it crates a transparent lampshade which interacts with the light.
There are thousands meters of used up and thrown away poliuretan tubes. Regurarly they are used for transporting CO2 in gass systems or oxygene in masks. So why not ‘upcycling it’? This lamp is simply made of literally ‘trash material’. Designing a lamp of it gives it another life, and at least a bit, saves the world from another long-time degradable material. The lamp is elastic and non-breakable. Its easily washable, light, safe, having no metal elements. So it could be perfect especially for places where children are playing.
Using energy-saving LED lightbulb.
Avilable in pendant and standing version.




Stay Fancy! ;)

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