Four Seasons House, Iran

Being situated in a territory in the southern coast of the Caspian sea -a town called Chaboksar- 216 meters above sea level, in Iran, provides a calm and green area for housing a nuclear family. A dwelling space where in tries to frame surrounding environment neatly and communicate eloquently.
This area enjoys a climate known for its moderate, mild and Mediterranean-like. The Alborz range provides further diversity to the land in addition to the Caspian coasts, causing annual heavy rainfall and mild climate. However freezing temperature is seldom reported in the coastal areas.
Four seasons house creates a legible interactive conversation of dwelling and environmental veils: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. It wears soberly what nature wears throughout the time. The building extends along east to west in regards to climatic conditions. “Play” of the volumes in the main wood cubic shell generates variation in spatial organization whilst maintains the privacy and independency of dwellers and concentrates on sociality of human being by the means of placing family activities and services areas in the centric cube .Hence the main cubic shell with its openings reunions separate functions in a box-like enclosure subtly and forms social life to approach a unity form. Moreover it induces shadows, breezy and cool spaces in regard to wind direction as a result of air circulation, diminishing the sunlight radiation and decrease air humidity during hot summers. Creating a terrace on top of the roof represents an alcove –Shahneshin- which comes from architectural background in southern parts of Caspian Sea in Iran.
The ground floor level functions as the public zone, the upper levels are private areas. Big windows facilitate a great indoor illumination and contribute to the landscape and dwellers experience spirit of seasons in nature .In fact, project is being re-created frequently in a 24-hours time . Windows portray surrounding environment and reflect it during the days, whereas at nights they represent landscape and frame it. As a result, in the combination of purity and simplicity of cubic structure and mutual communication, immediacy and sustained observation are provided.
The program calls for 2 single bedrooms and a master bedroom, an adequate kitchen, dining area, living room , a small gym and a swimming pool in an 800 sq meters area.

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