Plant-covered hotel in São Paulo

Nouvel’s Paris-based firm teamed up with developer Alexandre Allard of Groupe Allard to create Cidade Matarazzo – a 550,000 square-metre complex of historic buildings being regenerated in the city’s centre, including the former Filomena Matarazzo maternity hospital.
Nouvel and his team has designed a new 90-metre-tall hotel tower adjoining the historic complex, which will feature a latticed Corten-steel facade.
Plants and trees will be planted across the staggered terraces running around the building named Rosewood Tower and throughout the path that connects the former hospital building to the tower.
Scheduled to open towards the end of 2018, Rosewood Tower will function as a mixed-use cultural and tourist complex, including 275 guest rooms between Nouvel’s new building and the former hospital, 122 apartments, two restaurants, a bar and a caviar lounge, three swimming pools and a spa.
The Matarazzo hospital building – which was built in 1943 and laid dormant until Groupe Allard began the project – will house 51 of the hotel’s rooms and three of the hotel’s restaurants.

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