Top floor garden apartment in Lisbon

How do you contend with public and private spaces in an apartment block? The new owners of this building in Lisbon were looking for a way to merge their desire for a garden along with a top floor view of the city, but whilst also letting out subsequent floors for rental. What a dilemma!
The refurbishment by Portuguese architects Aurora Arquitectos splits the building, offering the owners the social on the lower floor, whilst connecting the bedrooms on top via a private elevator.
The front of the apartment maintains its heritage outlook, fitting in well with the rest of the street. Prazeres Building is a little different, however. This one house contains three homes!
No longer dilapidated, do you catch any hint of the stylish contemporary design of the interiors? Step into the home and you can see straight away that a high level of attention to design and craftsmanship was taken in fitting this house.
The Prazeres Building cleverly balances spaces. From the top floor, the home owners can enjoy city views and from the lowest areas of the house they can reach the garden. The two floors in the middle of the building would be too much for the couple alone, so it makes sense that they are made suitable for rental.

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