Janis Straupe – The Beetle

Janis Straupe - The Beetle 1

Designer Janis Straupe is one of the finest, brightest and most respected professionals in Latvia, has designed and made wooden design products for more than 30 years. ​His work is practically applicable, technically complex, with clean straight lines, geometrically accurate… Continue Reading

Hidden Bed Descends from Ceiling

Hidden Bed Descends from Ceiling h

Inspired by densely-populated urban areas where space is at a premium, designer Simon Woodroffe has created the YO! Home. It’s a residence that economizes space without sacrificing luxury, and it offers innovative functions to help you maximize a compact unit.… Continue Reading

UnSolid Lamp

UnSolid Lamp h

UnSolid By Mauro Del Santo Mathematical Morphology UnSolid is a research on unexpected ground-braking morphologies generated by mathematical computations and innovative wood manufacturing technologies for Interior and ad Furniture Design. Unpublished and limited edition pieces have been be specifically designed… Continue Reading

Latarus by Kyle Wilkinson

Latarus by Kyle Wilkinson h

Latarus is an outdoor rocking chair and multifunctional stool that combines a modern minimalistic design with an aged, industrial edge. Designed by Kyle Wilkinson for the Enlightened Exhibition. The Latarus is an outdoor rocking chair and multifunctional stool that combines… Continue Reading