BRNK (Transformation of a terraced house in Brussels) is a beautiful dwelling with natural simplicity, located in Schaerbeek, Belgium, designed by Edouard Brunet Architecte and François Martens Architecte. Originally inhabited by a single family, the house appeared too big and… Continue Reading

Modern Loft with Character


Loft apartments always have a distinct feel. Their openness, combined with their usual amounts of streaming light, makes them instantly appealing for most urban dwellers. Who wouldn’t want more light and a sense of more space in what’s usually a… Continue Reading

Sunny apartment by Polina Kazakova

This space comes from visualizer Polina Kazakova. The light colors and airy textures, plus plenty of natural light make for a sweet and feminine atmosphere throughout. A cozy living room offers seating for a few special guests while vaulted bedroom… Continue Reading

Optimized 39 square meter apartment

The warm lighting and creamy surroundings highlight the overall atmosphere of this small house: simple and peaceful. No colors other than white and beige are chosen for the color scheme to replicate the subtle warm glow in the house, including… Continue Reading

The Miller Residence by architect Eero Saarinen

Originally commissioned by Indiana based, modern architecture patron, J. Irwin Miller and his wife in 1953, and designed by famed architect Eero Saarinen, the classic modernist Miller residence was declared a National Landmark in 2000 and finally became the property… Continue Reading

Fabulous modern home by LINE Architects

A fabulous home starts with an open and honest collaboration between the architect, interior designers, and of course, the home owner. In many cases, this type of collaboration results in a home that is borne out of a special love… Continue Reading

Water cleaning station converted into living space

“Proving that industrial design elements can successfully be integrated in home design, this striking loft-like residence is the result of a water cleaning station conversion. The 5,400 square foot 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom loft belongs to former Belgian army pilot… Continue Reading

Modern Loft in Vilnius, Lithuania

“Vilnius is the city of many beautiful buildings, a beautiful spot, perched on the Baltic Sea. In this inspiring space of culture and colour we discovered this loft apartment designed by INBLUM. Bright and roomy, this living space located in… Continue Reading