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Floating Bookshelves by Zachary Beasley

These bookcases are designed to give the illusion of floating on the wall. Unlike…

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The LEGO room

Here’s the workbench part of the room and the view you see when walking…

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Recycled light shader from beer barrel

Serie of lights, inspires in moon explorations. Recycled light shader from beer…

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The Living Cube by designer Till Könneker

This is our new ELEMENTS line and the joyful birth of our new LIVING WALL! We…

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DIY Cloud light

ADORABLE created this cloud light for a baby shower event! For a shower or not…

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DIY Plywood Tree

A little behind the scenes chatter to start this project post: my friends at…

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Holiday roses instead Christmas tree

Holiday roses instead Christmas tree. I have never been a huge fan of typical…

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Pallet furniture ideas

So many things! If you ever come across the opportunity to pick up a few pallets…

Incoming search terms:

ideas pallets, pallet funitutre craft

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DIY Eames inspired Bohemian pendant lamp

Materials and tools: * Hanging wire planter basket * Yarn… an entire spool/whatever…

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DIY – Pendant Garden Orb by Eastcoast Creative Blog

MATERIALS: 18-2 Lamp Cord Chain Keyless Socket Bulb Splitters (not sure the…

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