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DIY – Pendant Garden Orb by Eastcoast Creative Blog

MATERIALS: 18-2 Lamp Cord Chain Keyless Socket Bulb Splitters (not sure the…

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Eggshell Spring Floral

The materials: Egg crate or tray Dozen egg shells with just the tops removed…

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DIY – Mini cooper & marble shelves

What you need: -3×8″ Marble -Copper plated tubing hook -Heavy duty glue -*Optional:…

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Wind – Angular bookshelves

“Finding the perfect unit for your home can be a just as daunting process….

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Cardboard Chair by Martine Matejczyk

A chair of 3 sheets of cardboard and hot glue. It was designed to support a…

Incoming search terms:

cardboard chair

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La Lupe – handmade table lamp

La LUPE is a handmade table lamp with a unique personality, creating a feeling…

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Globe Reader – a world map bookcase

Imagine a library(bookcase) otherwise than with vertical, horizontal and parallel…

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PET recycled pendant by James Irvine

^167 Pendant aims at exploring the unique properties of recycled PET felt through…

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Scarfty by Decor Kuznetsov

Steel ball is tied by Peruvian wool. It has the possibility to be a hangingand…

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The Pallet by Mathieu Maingourd

Designed and manufactured for the book “pallets”, 5 furniture is…

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