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Turn the guest bedroom into a home office

The entire idea is very simple and practical, and everybody can make the best…

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Optimized 39 square meter apartment

The warm lighting and creamy surroundings highlight the overall atmosphere of…

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Cocoon – living space

In collaboration with the Swiss furniture company Micasa we created and built…

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The LEGO room

Here’s the workbench part of the room and the view you see when walking…

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Neo Alina coffee table dinning room set for two by Claudio Sibille

Lighter, more functional version of Alina. Plus, there is a gas mechanism that…

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Recycled light shader from beer barrel

Serie of lights, inspires in moon explorations. Recycled light shader from beer…

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The Living Cube by designer Till Könneker

This is our new ELEMENTS line and the joyful birth of our new LIVING WALL! We…

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DIY Cloud light

ADORABLE created this cloud light for a baby shower event! For a shower or not…

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Built-in Beds by VAN STAEYEN Interior Architects

Two adjacent bedrooms with a bathroom in between have been successfully converted…

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The Soninke buffet inspired by African tribal art

Soninke is a buffet inspired by African tribal art. The idea behind Soninke…

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african inspired side board

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