Customize your Space With Oversized Modular Lego Bricks

Customize your Space With Oversized Modular Lego Bricks h

Giant LEGOs for adults? Heck. Yes. EverBlock is a modular building system of giant plastic blocks that can be used to build anything from furniture, walls, shelving, bars, and even entire rooms. Obsessed with LEGO bricks as a child, EverBlock… Continue Reading

Simbio Kitchen & Bar in Bucharest

Simbio Kitchen & Bar in Bucharest h

Rehabilitating one of Bucharest’s charmingly old buildings is no picnic at the park. Reviving what was once a stunning architectural masterpiece and modernizing it to fit a modern kitchen and bar was brilliantly executed by Romanian studio SYAA Architecture (Soare… Continue Reading

Exposed brick walls

Exposed brick walls h

The look of exposed brick has always captured appeal. There’s something so interesting about the texture and the subtleties of color in brick that it’s no surprise to find it preserved in lofts, apartments, and other living spaces. In this… Continue Reading

Paris Loft by Maxime Jansens

Paris Loft by Maxime Jansens h

Designed by Maxime Jansens back in 2014, this loft apartment in Paris somehow combines the starkness of contemporary design with a warm, homely vibe that makes the space a lot more liveable. The structure itself is an ancient craft shop… Continue Reading

Tiny mobile home with amazing interior

Tiny house with amazing interior h

The minuscule home has been curiously named Toybox Home. Since it is subtle, and the appearance of the whole thing gives us the feeling that Ken and Barbie would emerge out of it any moment. Despite the appearance, it is… Continue Reading