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DIY shuttlecock lights garland by Kittenhood

Lights garlands are wonderful for backyard parties and even to decorate the…

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Coffee table for the top of the roofs

From now on, drinking coffee brings you a new extreme experience. The designer…

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Pallet furniture ideas

So many things! If you ever come across the opportunity to pick up a few pallets…

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DIY Bottle lamp by Lana Red

1. Get an old wine bottle. 2. Get a diamond tipped drill, or use a simple engraving…

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Gluttony by Luis Luna

Suspension Lamp, Finalist in the “house party” competition by Designboom….

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The geometric wallpaper lamp by Funkytime

A nice and simple combination of a geometric wallpaper and a lamp from the IKEA…

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The high heel planter by DIY Fun Ideas

The material is a vinyl covered cloth. The paints are Testor brand in red, hot…

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DIY – Pendant light

LED lights are so bright. I bought my very first LED light bulb, and I instantly…

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Animal Lamp by Marie-Astrid Montagnier

Marie-Astrid Montagnier made these beautiful animal lamps. This paper animals…

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Handmade storage blocks

Chris made these blocks for me, and I love them! I use the large one to hold…

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