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Recycled light shader from beer barrel

Serie of lights, inspires in moon explorations. Recycled light shader from beer…

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DIY Crosswalk stripe nesting coffee tables

Using painter’s tape, it was easy to create this fun crosswalk stripe, keeping…

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DIY Plywood Tree

A little behind the scenes chatter to start this project post: my friends at…

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Holiday roses instead Christmas tree

Holiday roses instead Christmas tree. I have never been a huge fan of typical…

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No tree Christmas

Not everyone lives in a big house, and sometimes, even a small tree is just…

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5 tools you’ve never heard of that you should own

The Unusual side of DIY, Tools you may not have Heard of Even if DIY is really…

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DIY shuttlecock lights garland by Kittenhood

Lights garlands are wonderful for backyard parties and even to decorate the…

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DIY Bottle lamp by Lana Red

1. Get an old wine bottle. 2. Get a diamond tipped drill, or use a simple engraving…

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The geometric wallpaper lamp by Funkytime

A nice and simple combination of a geometric wallpaper and a lamp from the IKEA…

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The high heel planter by DIY Fun Ideas

The material is a vinyl covered cloth. The paints are Testor brand in red, hot…

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high heel planters

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