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Villa Fabrica by Yannis Kaklamanis

Villa Fabrica has been converted from an old winery into two totally separate…

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Rooftop retreat by Think Outside Gardens

This fantastic outdoor space was created by Think Outside Gardens as a continuation…

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The SeaGaia Ocean Dome

At 300 meters long and 100 meters wide, this waterpark is simply massive. While…

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The Mirage House

There are beach houses, and then there are beach houses. When it comes to waterfront…

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Hilgard garden terrrace

Nestled between neighboring townhouses, the ‘Hilgard garden’ by san francisco-based…

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современный одноэтажный дом

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Cute Plastic Bottle Planter

A creative idea for a DIY project, about how to make a cute plastic bottle planter….

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The Edgeland House, Austin, Texas

“Austin-based architectural practice Bercy Chen Studio have designed the…

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Dupli Casa by J. Mayer H.

“This clean gorgeous house called “Dupli Casa” is based on the footprint…

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Hachioji tree house

“Among the highrise block apartments of dense Tokyo, airscape architects…

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Bridge house in Netherlands

“Directly in front of the ‘bridge house’ designed by dutch…

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