Curly succulent plant, Moraea Tortilis

Curly succulent plant, Moraea Tortilis-h

Moraea tortilis, better known as Spiral Grass, is a bulbous plant with very unusual and ornamental foliage with twisting and curly leaves that resemble a corkscrew. Native to limited regions of Namibia and South Africa, Moraea tortilis is a hardy… Continue Reading

Watch Them Grow!

Watch Them Grow!-h

Rootvue Farm® is a garden laboratory which shows children the underground process of vegetables as they grow from seed to harvest. The kit which is perfect for the classroom or home includes a styrofoam base with a built-in water basin,… Continue Reading

Gardening ideas

Gardening ideas-h

Have you got an old bird cage that has seen better days? Why not create a hanging planter using succulents (those plants we sometimes mention that thrive on neglect and minimal water). Via: The Owner-Builder Network  

Cozy backyard, clever tricks for small space gardens

Cozy backyard, clever tricks for small space gardens-h

Many people underestimate the potential of the small space at the rear of their house. Think outside the square This garden cleverly disguises the lands straight edge by installing curved garden elements within the boundaries. The curvature of the fence,… Continue Reading