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Penthouse B by Destilat

According to the architects: “In cooperation with W. Wimmer, this run down…

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The Manifold House

Located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, the Manifold House,…

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Minimalist residence by NatureHumaine

The interior of this minimalist residence with a brightly colourful exterior…

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DIY Starry Ceiling by Brian d’ Arcy

Engineer and daddy-to-be Brian d’ Arcy has created an amazing ceiling display…

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Lucid Stead by Phillip K. Smith III

“A two day event that manifested into an exhibit with over 400 visitors…

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Happy New Year 2014

The staff of Fancy Deco wish you A Happy New Year!!  

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Syncline House by Arch 11

“This exceptionally designed modern architectural residence sits alongside…

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Modern furniture for your living room

“Modern furniture defines a trendy comfortably and progressive style….

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Robin’s Micro House

“It is 96 sq. ft. and has a 50 sq. ft. loft where I have my bed and store…

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10 modern staircases

Source, more at:  

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