Mitten Dolls

Mitten Dolls-h

As you can make cute puppets and dolls out of socks, you can do the same using mittens. Supplies: Gloves Elastic band Lentils/yellow peas/rice Styrofoam balls Sticks Black permanent marker Buttons Optional: small items to use as props See more… Continue Reading

Ceramic Hanging Pot

Ceramic Hanging Pot-h1

Handmade pots, designed and created to brighten the corners or areas of your home that need a touch of humor. See more at   Incoming search terms:hanging pot ceramics, hanging clay pots pictures, hanging tire flower pots

Clockworks by Nell Burns

Clockworks by Nell Burns-Tea Time-h

Nursury Tree Wired felt hand and machine embroidered with machine stitched wire branches and leaves. 15″ x 12″ x 7″ Tick Tock Steampunk gear clock Free motion embroidery. Fully working manual Gear clock 9″ x 10″ Time to make a… Continue Reading

Creative and unusual pillows you can have at home


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You Are Here Pillow by Twisted Twee

You Are Here Pillow by Twisted Twee

A most reassuring message to come home to. Don’t forget where you are. This pillow is a reminder that you are here. Printed organically onto strong cotton covers. MORE INFO: Product Measurements – Size 35cm square. Gender – Unisex Designer… Continue Reading

Eggspress – Heart Shaped Egg Mould

Eggspress - Heart Shaped Egg Mould-h

Is there anything more comforting than eggs on toast? Well what about these egg moulds that turn out perfectly boiled eggs as perfect little hearts? No other breakfast can say, “I love you” in quite the same way. And they’re… Continue Reading

How to make 3D paper ball ornaments


The colored balls are made from regular-weight computer paper (Astrobright from Office Max) and the white balls are made with cardstock. The big sphere is the size of a basketball; the little one is approximately a baseball. And the medium-sized… Continue Reading

Faceted Wall Clock by Raw Dezign Studio

Faceted Wall Clock by Raw Dezign Studio

These faceted wall clocks are individually cast in a natural white resin and are formed in a flexible mould which is manipulated by hand for each piece to give every clock a unique shape, so no two are the same.… Continue Reading

Colorful Clockwork

Colorful Clockwork-h

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Bee hive

Bee hive3

The lamp is made of polyuretan, elastic tube. All the layers of the tube are melted one on another, so it crates a transparent lampshade which interacts with the light. There are thousands meters of used up and thrown away… Continue Reading