Straw Knitted Craft Clock & Handicraft

Product Description Features: 1) material: Straw, natural materials, cloth, etc, 2) exquisite and fashionable styles 3) Various colors, sizes, styles available 4) We can make products according to customers’ requirements. We can make various craft products made of grass, rattan,… Continue Reading

Plates with patterns from Swedish 10-Gruppen/Ten Swedish Designers

Formed in 1970, Ten Swedish Designers was started by ten young textile artists and designers who were told by the textile industry that their designs were “unsaleable”. So they banded together and started creating their own collections, and in essence,… Continue Reading

Build-On Brick Mug

Build up your coffee! Have your coffee and build it too! Compatible with most construction bricks May cause distraction at morning meetings Morning meetings suck. We’re lucky at ThinkGeek because generally a “morning” meeting starts at 11, so you’ve got… Continue Reading

Diamantini & Domeniconi Tabla Clock

Wall clock in wood, with sliding drawer containing 5 chalk and eraser. The face of the watch is writable slate like laminate. Measures: 30x30sp4 Via:  

Love Word Bookends

Paint and glue together block letters and use for book ends! Let these lovely bookends keep your favorite reads upright. – 7″ wide x 2″ deep x 9″ high – Made of dark pink polyresin Buy here  

Easter Egg Skulls

Mischievous smiles make these skulls more sweet than scary. Before you begin, learn how to work with crepe paper. Tools and Materials: Egg boxes, 3 3/8-inch (BX009), 4-inch (BX010), and 4 1/2-inch (BX011), from D. Blumchen & Co. or Castle… Continue Reading

Cheshire Cat Cushion by Rory Dobner

Rory Dobner: website Via: facebook  

Coffeedoglover Handmade ceramic cup

Designed by Apisit, a Thailand Bangkok artist, this series of handmade cups all inspired by some animals or musical instruments. Via: Top Creative Works  

Tennis Ball Helper

This collection of photos comes from China. Looks like they used a strong box cutter to slit a mouth in a tennis ball, and added rivets for eyes. The ball could be hung up on a wall with a nail… Continue Reading

DIY: Simon’s cat

Probably all seen the popular cartoon about a cat: Simon’s cat! The toy is made based on the cartoon cat. View more You can buy it from here   Incoming search terms:simons cat, simons cat wallpaper, simons cat pattern

Valentine’s Day gifts

The offer is limited, buy here  

Valentines card ideas

These Valentines cards are all so cute. Via:  

Shaun the Sheep (crochet) by Linda Smith

Shaun the Sheep with a pattern from Purplelinda Crafts For more information, see Via:  

Lampshade from cup cake papers

DIY project: sculptural paper orb lights Materials 100–125 white standard-sized paper cupcake liners 100–125 vertically striped petit fours papers (1) 18–20″ white paper lantern hot glue gun 1 Hemma Cord from IKEA (for lighting) Instructions 1. Assemble the lantern and… Continue Reading

Recycled bike wheel and tire clock

This clock was made from a recycled aluminum bike wheel and tire. The wheel mounts directly to the wall through the hub using a hollow wall anchor and gives the illusion that it is floating off the wall. The clock… Continue Reading