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Edison – backup light by Damien Urvoy

This backup light is inspired from filament bulb. It is kind of a “mise en…

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Kork Boxes by Linadura

KORK proposes to start from the simple and usual cork and is based on the connection…

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Virgule – take a break!

An invitation to relax… take a break. Source, credits, info and more at:…

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Bendmark 1 chair by Mark Vrinzen

Bend mark is made out of 7 steam bent ash wooden sticks. they are bent in a…

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Champ – the boxing couch by Tobias Fraenzel

Champ – the boxing couch by Tobias Fränzel. More at: Tobias Fränzel…

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Couple – table and lamp for relationships

Couple is a reaction to relationship between woman and man. Everybody looks…

Incoming search terms:

relationship of table to lampshade

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The state of being in equilibrium – Couterpoise chair

The state of being in equilibrium – Couterpoise chair by Veronica Olariu….

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The Pallet by Mathieu Maingourd

Designed and manufactured for the book “pallets”, 5 furniture is…

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Blob VB3 – the mobile home

dmvA created a mobile home called Blob VB3, inspired by the idyllic location…

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Floating furniture by Levi Christiansen

Levi Christiansen is proud to introduce the “5C”* collection- a unique line…

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