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Urchin pendant by Amos Enders-Moje

Medium urchin pendant design by Amos Enders-Moje for Mo-En design. (h) 31cm…

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Rapide – lounge chair by Martin Saar

Rapide is a lounge chair that mixes the forms of the golden age with contemporary…

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Beautiful medium desk by Manuel Barrera

Handmade item, made to order. Wood Parts (if any) in Solid oak or veneer oak…

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Ethereal entities: Pandora lamps

It’s nature inspiring the shapes of Pandora, that live in the echoes of their…

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Desktop Lamp Inspired by Moon Craters

Inspired by the pockmarked surface of the moon, Russian designer Constantin…

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The Grasshopper relax chair by Laszlo Szikszai

Comfortable relaxation is provided by the ergonomic line of the sitting surface,…

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Edison – backup light by Damien Urvoy

This backup light is inspired from filament bulb. It is kind of a “mise en…

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Kork Boxes by Linadura

KORK proposes to start from the simple and usual cork and is based on the connection…

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Virgule – take a break!

An invitation to relax… take a break. Source, credits, info and more at:…

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Bendmark 1 chair by Mark Vrinzen

Bend mark is made out of 7 steam bent ash wooden sticks. they are bent in a…

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