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C-light plywood

C-light is a collection of interior ceiling lamps. “C” stands for…

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Apartment in Amsterdam by Mamm Design

Apartment in Amsterdam is a duplex unit that combines clean design with a natural…

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Antivilla – weekend house

Antivilla is a weekend home transformed from the ruin of a former knitting factory…

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Revitalize an old tree stump table

This table is probably 20+ years old. I had wanted to sand down the top and…

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Bear Table

Furniture Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design by Daniel Garcia Source,…

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The Humlebaek House

Humlebaek House is a beautiful dwelling with simplicity, located in Humlebæk,…

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Honning by Astrid Tolnov

We are about to say goodbye to incandescent heat light, and must meet more sustainable,…

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Church converted into family home

Once a house of worship, this converted family home is nothing short of divine….

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Janis Straupe – The Beetle

Designer Janis Straupe is one of the finest, brightest and most respected professionals…

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Alpha L wall lamp

Alpha L is a wall lamp (one 3W high output LED) with different fields of application….

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