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Russian home by architect Andrew Stuben

This Russian home, designed by architect Andrew Stuben, holds a slightly unusual…

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The Micheli Residence in Florence

The Micheli Residence in Florence, by Italian architect Simone Micheli, pops…

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Exclusive loft from L4 World

Sloping ceilings in our homes are often viewed as an obstacle when we are designing…

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Scandinavian Attic

This crisp white apartment in Stockholm is filled with interesting architectural…

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Old Attic is Transformed into a Gorgeous Apartment

For a suburban homeowner, a trip to the attic might be a must, dusty and uncommon…

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Family Home in Brooklyn, New York

This colorful crib in the Cooper Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York is…

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Modern apartment by Fabrykabarw

This apartment comes from the designers at Fabrykabarw. It measures 41 square…

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Eco-friendly house in New Paltz

Have you ever wondered what it would be like not just to see a flying saucer…

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new paltz environmentally friendly house

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The Água Verde apartment

Água Verde Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil is a charming redesign project by…

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Loft apartment by Womorrow

While we have certainly seen a wide variety of loft design ideas on this site…

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