DIY Bottle lamp by Lana Red

1. Get an old wine bottle.
2. Get a diamond tipped drill, or use a simple engraving device like I did. Mine came from the Lidle, and was only ten euros. Place your bottle on a something soft like a towel and start drilling. If you are drilling with the diamond tipped drill, make sure to cool the glass of every minute or so. The drilling process can take a while, it took me about 20 minutes with my engraving tool to create the hole, because I didn’t want to force it.
3. Remove the labels by soaking the bottle in hot water.
4. Take some wiring. I live in Holland and know that it’s different in every country. So please ask the store where you buy your wiring from to tell you how to use it! Also make sure that you buy the pieces where you can place the lampshade on.
5. Take the wire and pull it trough the hole.
6. When the wire is running through the bottle, install all the wiring and place the lampshade on top.

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Stay Fancy! ;)

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