DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles

“I love colored glass bottles and recycle although for years I was looking for a way of cutting the glass that I could use without need tools in order to reuse them. Of course I never imagined that the solution was acetone…! See the video below:

A simple process, rub with a little sandpaper the cut bottles and I give you some ideas about what you can create with them…

– Fantastic… candlesticks that you can use to decorate your home and your terrace or even a social event or celebration! (Learn how to build a chandelier Christmas garlands),
– Amazing chandeliers lightings-cutting the bottom of the bottle and fastening them to a piece of wood or metal,
Lights: just cutting back the bottom of the bottle, and pass through electrical equipment and electrical cords in different lengths,
– Or… a chandelier sculpture uniting many bottles and wires together but at the same length… Also learn how to build a light sculpture using wood from crates,
– A table lamp by larger decorative bottles that will make removing the lower part is to pass the cable and adjusting a cloth hat in the neck of the bottle

And, do not stop there… Do the same with antique glass decanters that will find a bargain financially, and create this stunning romantic chandelier at a cost of 30-40 euros… Romantic style chandelier, you can construct a old fan… following the instructions found in the suspension or even from here… chains like.”

More information at Recyclart and Styleitchic


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  1. uh, I am not allowed to watch it from Germany because of the music you used. Can you change it or explain without video? Because it looks so great!!!

  2. I have made dozens of bottle lamps using the drilling process but I have never had any luck cutting bottles. I purchased a “bottle cutter” off the internet and became quite frustrated by the whole thing. It would leave just a small jag of glass behind but the rest of it looked just fine. I haven’t given up yet and I’m going to give your ideas a try.

  3. I attempted this 3 times and on the 3 try, it finally broke but it left a jagged piece and wasn’t and even cut. Is there something I am doing wrong that causes this type of outcome? Great idea and really want it to work for me. Thanks.

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