DIY “Nails” and string Christmas Tree

Do you have a little one that wants to put up and take down all the ornaments on your tree? We do. To fill YMGP’s need to decorate for the holiday and help him develop some fine motor skills, I made him his own tree, a nail and string Christmas tree… except, well, I didn’t really use nails.
We are currently renting our house, but even if we weren’t, 19 nails is a lot of holes in a wall. As soon as the idea to make YMGP a “nail” and string Christmas tree lodged itself in my head, I was on the hunt for a hole-free nail alternative. I immediately thought about Command hooks, but 20 regular command hooks would cost more than buying him an actual Christmas tree. Then I saw Command’s decorating clips. They were tiny and reasonably priced ($4-5 a pack) and they came in a pack of 20. Perfect. A little green yarn, and I had all I needed to make a “nail” and string tree.

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Stay Fancy! ;)

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