DIY Plywood Tree

A little behind the scenes chatter to start this project post: my friends at Canadian Tire weren’t as keen on this project as I was (I was so jazzed about it during the brainstorming process). I was so jazzed, in fact, that I decided to make it on my own, at my own cost and not sponsored, just for fun. I did submit it along with my other holiday projects and it ended up on the Canadian Tire website for the CANVAS launch (so I guess they liked it). But guess what? After all that, I didn’t end up loving it. Well, that’s the nature of DIY: I win some, I lose some. Sometimes things turn out better than imagined…sometimes they miss the mark. Here it is, my Scandinavian-inspired “tree,” along with the tutorial and what I would have done differently.

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Stay Fancy! ;)

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