Handmade storage blocks

Chris made these blocks for me, and I love them! I use the large one to hold my crochet or knitting supplies when I’m working on a project, and it’s the perfect little station for my tools.
Chris made these out of Walnut with Poplar strips. He cut the basic shapes, glued the strips into the order he wanted, and trimmed them evenly. He drilled holes into the tops with a drill press, then finished them with a light coat of stain. Easy as pie! He made them in an afternoon, and they turned out beautifully.
Blocks like this can be purchased online, but Chris loves making projects like this, and with the right tools available- they’re a simple job. There are a couple things he learned along the way, the first being to start with your wood pieces larger than what you want your final product to be. He ended up needing to trim off more than he planned, so the blocks are a tiny bit smaller than what he originally envisioned. The second thing is to make sure every single bit of glue is sanded off before coating the block with stain. Any little bit of glue will show through if it’s not completely removed prior to staining.

Source, credits, details and more at: natajane.com



Stay Fancy! ;)

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