Spring garden bouquet


Tools and Materials:

– Floral wire
– Fern stickers
– Golden Beryl glitter
– Floral tape
– Needle-nose pliers
– Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
– Flower stickers
– Large and mini cupcake liners

Ferns How-To:

You’ll need 1 piece of wire and 1 sticker per fern.
1. Attach wire to adhesive back of fern. Secure with additional glue.
2. Apply glitter to back of sticker. Bend to create an organic shape. Cover the stem of the wire with floral tape.

Sticker Flowers How-To:

1. Use pliers to twist wire into a spiral. Bend spiral 90 degrees to make a platform.
2. Hot-glue flower stickers onto the platform.

Cupcake Wrapper Flowers How-To:

1. Repeat spiral wire technique (1 per flower).
2. Use the screw punch to punch a hole in the center of 3 mini and 2 large cupcake liners. (Add more for a more voluminous flower).
3. Insert the spiral end of the wire through the 3 mini liners, and adhere with hot glue. Pinch the bottom of the liner to secure and create a natural flower shape. Let dry.
4. Add the 2 large liners under the minis and repeat. Secure the pinched end with floral tape and continue wrapping to the bottom of the wire.

See more at: Martha Stewart Crafts



Stay Fancy! ;)

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