Home of the future

“The future doesn‘t lie in the invention of something new but rather in the reinvention of the old. This up-cycling and tuning is the focus of product designer Werner Aisslinger. Under the curation of Katja Blomberg, the museum “Haus am Waldsee” will exhibit Aisslinger’s ideas for the “Home of the Future”. Freed from the commercial restraints of industry, the designer can within this artistic context give free rein to his visions of utopia.
He transforms the floors of the museum into two sections. On the ground floor, he shows new installations created specifically for the house. In five different living situations, the installations display how one can utilize the latest technical materials to achieve the goal of sustainability.
On the upper floor, a retrospective of the designer’s work further explores this question. The Wilhelmian villa is set to become a laboratory of the future.”

Source, more at: aisslinger.de



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