Tiny home on the range house

A filmmaker and graphic designer (who had never before built anything), Christopher welcomed the challenge of designing and fabricating his very own home from scratch. They gathered inspiration from blogs such as Tiny House Blog, Tumbleweed Houses and Tiny Tack House, among others. Utilizing local salvage yards, thrift stores, a handful of hardware stores and IKEA, the couple was able to build the home for much, much less than a new build or renovation project.
Christopher and Merete own a tiny house on some of the most beautiful land in Colorado. One hundred miles southwest of Denver, fifteen minutes down a gravel road just outside Hartsel, sits a 127 square foot home. It’s cozy, efficient and costs hardly anything to power, but most importantly: it’s theirs. Christopher always wanted to own a home in the mountains but never realized how near the possibility was until he started reading about the “Tiny House Movement”.

Source, more at: apartmenttherapy.com
Photo credit: Ashley Poskin and Kevin Hoth



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