151m2 modern loft

This city house in Minsk, Belarus, is 151m2 of modern loft style. Designed by VAE, the interior is decked out with metal and concrete industrial features, softened and warmed by generous amounts of wood tone. Grey and green is the colour palette here, and much of that greenery comes in the form of large leafy potted plants that add a calming natural look to the scheme. The industrial decor of this home achieves a welcoming and comfortable look thanks to plentiful soft furnishings and interesting moments of strong pattern. Take this home tour to see more instances of how the cool industrial trend can be homey too.
In the open plan living space, a grey modern sofa ties in with the hue of the concrete on an adjacent wall. Though the sofa is of a simple linear design to suit the no frills decor, it is stuffed with cozy cushions. The throw pillows are the first moment of jade green on entering the home, and this colour story can be seen to continue over in the dining area opposite. A huge portrait mural fills an alcove, adding a quirky arty feel to the room.

Source, credits, details and more at: home-designing.com



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