200 square meters loft in Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to an amazing modern penthouse with two roof terraces and a unique interior design. The loft extends over a surface of more than 200 square meters and is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. The base of the home is a great living room, which has an attractive dining zone, corner sofas and a wonderful fireplace. Natural elements are a recurring theme in this original penthouse and are revealed by the polished pine floors that go hand in hand with the black painted ceiling beams. A piano is placed next to one of the windows and we can just visualize how hospitable the place becomes, once someone enter the room. White walls contrast the colorful adorning elements of the interior and give an overall feeling of freshness. Ensuring a grand degree of cosiness, the penthouse has no less than three bedrooms.

Source, credits, details and more at: alldaychic.com



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