210 sqm apartment in Brianza

Quite a radical renovation, Bartoli Design’s project for a couple of two teenagers that moved to Brianza, in a 210 sqm apartment placed on the top floor of a building from the 80’s.
The customers asked for the same level of comfort of their previous, more spacious home, with space for family’s valuable pieces of furniture, too. Design, passionate lovers of sport and relaxed lifestyle, the couple was looking for a luminous living arrangement that would enhance their family well-being. This was not the impression the architects got when visiting the apartment for the first time: a maze-like plan with many little spaces and – in the middle – an enclosed staircase that brought to a dark upper mezzanine. The reality was that this space had great potential as an apartment surrounded by a charming green area, with windows on four sides and a multiple-angled leaning roof.

Source, credits, details and more at: interiorzine.com



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