43sqm small apartment

Innovation in interior design often results from restrictions. Smaller apartments and lofts are common examples of living spaces needing an open plan feel. What happens when your living space is under 50sqm? This Russian space, measuring just under 43sqm, is a challenge to any designer. Modern in feel and urban Japanese in décor, it segments different living spaces in one smart central unit. Designed by Rue Temple, each living area is broken off into a series of hallways – a kitchen, living room, relaxation space, storage space, bedroom and bathroom – to unite the space as a whole.
Framed by a concrete ceiling and stone-coloured floor, a wooden compartment acts the central feature. Separating several spaces in one, the room taken is multiplied tenfold in utility. A leaf green velvet couch marks the living room, lit by a triangular black wall light. Backgrounded by a bookcase and facing a flat screen TV, its foreground doubles as a hallway. The kitchen lurks beyond.
Just past the couch, a corridor opens. Clothed in top-to-toe light wood, a desk juts out in the same material. A thin-lined desk chair eats less room and mirrors the flat screen.

Source, credits, details and more at: home-designing.com



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