45sm Apartment in Shiraz, Iran

Ingenious, modern and minimalist composition for a small space – 45.0 m2, in an urban setting. This amazing project in Iran is carried out by architectural studio Ashari Architects. Clear, elegant lines and shapes, ingenious knacks, custom-made structures and furniture, hidden compartments and movable furnishing utilize the roof-top storage space in a residential apartment building in Shiraz, Iran.
Thanks to its vast openings towards the roof-top terrace -that blurs the borders between in and out- the luminosity of the natural sunlight fillies the premises and warmly reflects upon the beautiful blond- wood cladding. Combining the natural feel of the exquisite woodwork whit the industrial touch carried by the black metal structures, interior details, and ingenious movable systems the designers achieved well-balanced ambiance with modern emanation.

Source, credits, details and more at: interiorzine.com



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