Angular facade home in San Francisco

This house in San Francisco by local firm IwamotoScott has an angular facade made up of wooden elements, and a layout organised around a central staircase illuminated by a light well.
The project is located in Noe Valley, a well-to-do area of the city. The architects were able to develop the property after a dilapidated dwelling on the site was demolished.
Noe Valley House was completed in 2016, and comprises four bedrooms distributed on three levels. The basement accommodates a two-car garage, and a rooftop terrace overlooks the San Francisco Bay area.
The home is entered up a short flight of steps that leads directly into the living room. The central portion of the house is occupied by a wooden staircase with open treads, and is illuminated by a large skylight.
Cedar boards make up the building’s exterior, and are separated by blackened spacer boards. Other materials used on the exterior include aluminium-framed windows and cast-in-place concrete.

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