Barcelona apartment renovation by Built Architecture

Today we are sharing an inspired Barcelona apartment renovation by Built Architecture, which retains the original modernist mosaic floors and high ceilings while adding storage and opening up the space.
The most unique feature of this apartment is a central furniture element, built with natural oak wood, which rises right in the center of the apartment and echoes with the stunning parquet floors. The piece reaches 234 cm. in height, which has been best suited to the monumental ceiling heights of the nineteenth century. All the rest of design solutions are built around this unique functional point.
The transfer between public areas, rooms or service spaces always occurs through a metal threshold. Equally, toilets and showers are located under the metal plate, next to the only interior courtyard that is used for natural illumination and ventilation.
This is a modernist space decorated with lots of oak wood, with high ceilings with gypsum moldings and with recovered parquet mosaic. The furniture is made of the same light oak wood or it’s sleek and white, there are eye-catchy lamps and lots of natural light incoming. The interior is offered as a blank canvas in which to easily arrange furniture, paintings, art pieces, objects and family mementos cumulated during a lifetime without feeling restricted. The neutral color palette gives a space for imagination, and the extensive use of light-colored natural wood make the apartment cozy.
This is a modern flat where original values are recovered and acclaimed through a new central furniture element, which must be as singular, surprising and innovative as it is discrete, flexible and respectful, always responding to the needs of the user.

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