Belgian Beach House

The team at Just’In Home Design filled House in Knokke with a modern and casual decor. The innovative design uses pieces with rounded edges, including a set of three wooden circle-top tables in the living room. On each side, the design includes circularly-shaped sitting chairs. These contrast beautifully against the room’s square-paneled windows and sharp-edged wooden cabinet.
The design team used a similar contrast in the dining space. Woven light fixtures above the table continue the use of fresh, rounded edges. Minimalist cube art adorning the wall contrasts with these pear-shaped lights. Additionally, a wall of rectangular glass panels artfully contrasts with the furniture and functions and as a partition from the home’s modern kitchen.
The kitchen and living spaces feature built-in shelving with eye-catching, asymmetric dividers. They are the perfect spot to display books, photos, and cool kitchen finds without making the space feel cluttered.

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