Boiler Room turned into tiny home

Designer Christi Azevedo chose to look at this old, crumbling, left-for-dead shell of a boiler room – the type of place poor little Harry Potter might have found himself sleeping at 4 Privet Drive. It was a structure destined to wait out its days in a heap at the land fill, lending its former footprint to a shiny new home void of character and history. But when Christi Azevedo looked, she saw potential.
The 9 foot by 11 foot brick cube was gutted, expanded upon, elbow-greased and power washed until the end result was this: an efficient and stunning guest house that starkly contrasts history with contemporary. The exposed brick shell was left largely intact, showing off the aged beauty of the original structure. Modern finishes and a lofted second story were added to provide more space, light, and functional comfort.

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