Casa de Cocinas

In the historic colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, this new addition and renovation of Casa de Cocinas has been transformed by San Francisco-based design studio House + House Architects. Three non-descript properties have been converted into a spacious 2,500 square foot contemporary home filled with natural light, bold colors and a rich palette of materials. From the street a thick stucco wall and deeply set pine doors open onto a series of terraces rose colored steps leading up to outdoor terraces and lush gardens. First floor spaces include the living, dining, kitchen, powder, guestrooms and a highly crafted professional kitchen with state of the art appliances for cooking classes. Upstairs the new master suite is capped with a brick ‘boveda’ ceiling to create a warm embrace. Colored curving concrete counters and decorative ceramic tile mural’s surround the bathroom spaces. Soft shades of yellow and terra cotta with accents of deep turquoise are used to layer the walls and spaces against each other and provide a beautiful background for the owner’s art.

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