Concrete painter Studio by Felipe Assadi

The painter that occupies this wondrous space doesn’t need to look very far to find inspiration. This concrete Painters Studio by Felipe Assadi is embedded into a cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean in Los Vilos, Chile. Its floors, ceilings and walls are formed out of concrete with a stairway on one side, a skylight above and a patio facing the ocean. It’s the kind of place where an artist can set up an easel and tune out the world beyond.
The concrete painters studio by Felipe Assadi is set into the peak of a hill overlooking the ocean. It’s located next door to a larger residence designed by the same architect, creating a space that separates work from home for its occupant. It’s intended to be used solely as a studio space, although it could double as a guest facility as needed.
This artist’s studio is hidden from view on the approach from the street. From one angle, the structure appears to be a concrete landscape feature, with planter boxes lining its rectangular form. From another angle, its true nature reveals itself. A stairway descends into the concrete painters studio, keeping the entry door out of sight from every other angle.
Passing through the painter’s studio, a floor-to-ceiling glass wall opens into a small patio that overlooks the ocean. As the artist pleases, an easel can be set up here for a clear view into the coastal nature around it. It’s an inspiring place to paint, and it’s among the most remarkable artist’s studios we’ve seen in recent years.

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