Cozy Brazilian home

It is amazing how the decor is able to completely transform a space. Before becoming the home of sales manager Julia Amado and engineer Adriano Bottas, this loft-like property in the charming Louveira Building in Higienópolis was occupied by a resident with a style very different from theirs. Without needing renovations or other interventions in the architectural part, the couple inserted their personality in each piece of the apartment with great taste.
In fact, having a home where the two recognized each other was what motivated them to move to that address in the first place. “We decided to live together and wanted something with our face. I already knew the building and every time I passed by here I was curious looking and thinking what the apartments would be like. The choice of this apê, however, was random. We were looking for a single room, but with good footage, here in the neighborhood and this was the only one that appeared. I caught my eye and got very excited, Adriano ditched. It was kind of getting into a place and feeling: it’s here! “Julia says. And it was. In less than a month the couple was already debuting the new house.

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