Cuevas del Pino estate

Modern man has gone full circle. During the dawn of mankind, people used to dwell in caves. Slowly, we made our way into brick-walled houses. But lately, man has gone back to our roots. And we have to say, if we could all live in houses like these, we’d all go back to being cave dwellers without a second’s hesitation. Cuevas del Pino estate by UMMO Estudio sits nestled on the slopes of Sierra Morena. An area renowned for it’s Calcarenite rock, arranged into layers that form geological formations. For centuries these formations have been used by local herders. Today, one of those formations is now a comfortably chic cave home.
Traditionally the caves of Sierra Morena have been used by agricultural workers as a shelter from the elements. But the Cuevo del Pino estate has recently been developed for new purposes and this rural hotel has been modernized, transformed into a beautiful home.

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