Eco-friendly farmhouse

Located in the south of Italy, Puglia is famous for its beautiful hilltop villages, traditional trattorias and rich cultural heritage. The antithesis to the busy capital city of Rome, Puglia boasts laidback labyrinths of whitewashed buildings and relaxing resorts just by the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It’s no surprise then that Carlo Lanzini decided to the move all the way from northern Italy and set up a brand new life near the sea.
Having fallen in love with the idea of making olive oil, Carlo set out to build on land surrounded by hectares of olive groves. He wanted a home that fit alongside the traditional farmhouses in the region, and sought the help of designer Andrew Trotter. After three years of studying the traditional Pugliese construction methods and masserie farmhouses, Andrew was able to create a gorgeous white stone eco-friendly farmhouse that looks out to expansive views of the sea.

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