Efficient and modern home

Four years ago, after graduating from architecture school, Caleb Schafer and his wife moved to Texas and began building the home on a 1.5 acre site due north of San Antonio. They built it for ~$70,000 — it’s a 1400 square foot home — we’re talking about $50 psf.
First, Caleb and his wife built and designed the entire home themselves.
Second, the design is simple and the materials lack fuss. The home was designed to 4-foot increments to minimize waste of materials. The siding is commercial galvalume with yellow pine wood accents. The exterior kind of reminds me of Rob Pyatt’s Boxhouse. In addition, the combination of SIPs and a Mitsubishi mini-split HVAC system provide an energy-efficient outcome.

Source, more at: jetsongreen.com



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