Functional 32 square meter apartment

Can you imagine that a 32 aquare meter apartment can be functional and accommodate everything necessary? If not, then this amazing space will change your mind: it’s a comfortable space designed using the smartest solutions, let’s consider them all.
There are three separated zones: a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen-dining room, and the lack of space is no hindrance for comfort or style. Colors and materials are used for separating spaces; the palette is limited to white and light wood, one more trick used for effective zoning is a different ceiling height. Smart storage solutions are another feature of this home: a decluttered space looks larger, so most of the storage is hidden. The furniture is made of maple, there are bold accents made with accessories.
There’s a small minimalist bathroom hidden from the eyes with a kitchen. The kitchen shelves and countertops partly hide this private space, and the rest is done with a glass door: glass doors doesn’t make interiors look bulky. The kitchen countertops are higher than usual because they accommodate a row of drawers for everything necessary.
The bedroom is hidden with a vertical wooden plank screen to give it more privacy. It features only a large bed, white storage units, a wall art and lights.
The open space is a living room united with a dining space and a home office. There’s a small desk next to the bedroom screen, a comfy large sofa and a long countertop, which can be used for cooking or eating. Get inspired by the smart solutions and cool designs from this apartment below!

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