Gallery apartment of Julia Morelli

The walls live in constant metamorphosis in the apartment of gallery owner and producer Julia Morelli. Ahead of 55SP gallery , she made her home an extension of his work – or is it the opposite? In addition to the colorful and thought-provoking works that populate all spaces, the decor features industrial-style furniture, apparent electrical tubing, sober tones and many curious objects – such as collections of snow globes and stuffed insects. Urban and original, the apa rescues memories of other times, like the time when Julia lived in London.
In every choice, in every color and in every frame, the decoration represents Julia’s style. She never liked extremely delicate houses – in fact, she always preferred heavier finishes, such as burnt cement, and furniture full of personality. According to the resident, today the apê reflects even more this trait and also the presence of her children: “The boys have always respected the decoration the way it was. I never hid the embellishments, not even the collection of snow globes. They are part of the history of the apartment, feel at ease and participate in every room, “she completes.

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