Healing Salon Forest

Healing Salon Forest is a renovation project of a residence with healing salon, located in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture, designed by Keiichi Kiriyama of Airhouse Design Office.
The client asked two major requests; one is to provide three treatment rooms for ‘chiropractic’, ‘reflexology’, and ‘counseling’ purposes by making use of the existing house for living and work; another is to have a space for gathering under a large top light. For creating the situation where ‘the sky is visible’, an open ceiling void hall is added right next to the existing building. By doing so, a space with the vertical connection to the existing 2-story building is realized, enabling transformation of the existing rooms into the operation rooms. This void hall becomes not only the waiting space for the visitors, but also the circulation space and the possible event space. The approach toward the operation rooms under the sky view would raise the expectations of the visitors, while they can feel relaxed under the top light after the treatment. A tree is planted in this hall space to symbolize this salon, considering any forest grows from a single tree – the name of the salon, ‘Forest’, and this single tree and other young trees planted around the extension part will grow into a ‘forest’ someday. A small addition of the extension to the existing building provided a relaxing and fulfilling salon space enveloping the sky and the greenery.

Source, credits, details and more at: upinteriors.com



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