High Rise Apartment designed by Anton Medvedev

Urban living can be extremely hectic. The busy lights, sounds, and schedules of a major city is inherently stressful, even for those that thrive in such an environment. This apartment, from designer Anton Medvedev, manages to quite literally rise above this atmosphere. The stunning interior is perfectly minimal with calming materials, smooth, clean lines, and a color palette that is so neutral you can almost hear the silence of the apartment.
The living room and kitchen are open to one another and both utilize a white, gray, and natural wood look. The slick hardwood floors are certainly notable, serving to unify each part of the apartment. The endtables that flank the soft sofa are hollow, creating simple but elegant lines. This design extends to the kitchen where barstools mimic the same shape.

Source, credits, details and more at: home-designing.com



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