Honning by Astrid Tolnov

We are about to say goodbye to incandescent heat light, and must meet more sustainable, but colder light sources. There is in this project has been working on, to give the cool / blue LED bulb, a warmer and more inviting glare via a lampeskærm. Ved to hold the lampshade interior, with a highly nuanced textile, the light is thrown into space, hot and pleasant. The lampshade is designed on the principle of minimum waste materials and can be sent from the manufacturer as flat packs and assembled at the destination. The lampshade is designed in 3mm Plywood and a polyester fabric. The polyester is cut with ultrasound so that the edge of the fabric melts and thus ensures that the fabric does not fray. The lamp bonded with polsterlim.

Source, credits, details and more at: behance.net



Stay Fancy! ;)

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