Janis Straupe – The Beetle

Designer Janis Straupe is one of the finest, brightest and most respected professionals in Latvia, has designed and made wooden design products for more than 30 years.
​His work is practically applicable, technically complex, with clean straight lines, geometrically accurate and sharp, without any poetism and ruffles. He plays with form where functionality plays the main role dressed in very exclusive design. Janis Straupe is known for his untraditional point of view, trying to show multilaterism of wood combining functionality and decoration.
Each of his work has some special detail, a secret that distinguishes it from simple everyday objects. In every milimeter you can see and feel designer’s touch of hand. Reunifying the ancient job skills with modern technology, experienced masters make new samples only in one or few copies, giving the uniqueness that admirers of excellent and exclusive design objects will be able to appreciate.

Tel : +44 (0) 20 7724 6969
31-33 Church Street

Photos by Garry Samuels


Stay Fancy! ;)

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