Luxury house in Luxembourg by Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska

There is a distinct luxury in simplicity. This Luxembourg house from architect Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska takes this idea to the extreme. With a simple grayscale colour palette and the best materials, from furniture to flooring, the house is beautiful and relaxing.
Lofted ceilings have their appeal but the long and low lines in this house are simple but not simplistic.
Cool greys that almost seem to shift from more black to more blue are calming and captivating.
The combination of the sofa and coffee table, both on the same parallel planes, make the room seem to go on forever.
In the living room, ample seating can’t go unnoticed. A deep and wide sofa makes it easy to bask in the light that filters in from the back wall of windows.
A simple workspace with completely clear countertop and cosy grey office chair is the blank canvas you’d need to let your imagination take flight.
A low platform bed with a clever bedside table design give the room a focus and that focus is relaxation.
The kitchen is again committed to sleek simplicity with glorious marble countertops and bar stools that offer function but not at the expense of extreme, minimalist style.
In the bathroom, white and natural wood brings a bit of warmth to the space.

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