Meditation Cube In Living Room

Russian design studio Ruetemple has created the Living Space cube design for a multi-functional living room.
Broadcasting company NTV launched its reality show “Cottage Solution”, where homes are selected to be renovated with the help of interior designers. One of the rules is that homeowners cannot see the project before completion, nor interfere with the design leaving it up to the designers to play around and implement their ideas without restriction.
The idea behind the cube design is to allow for plenty of different living arrangements. It creates a space where you can either retire and get away from it all, or also in the same room enjoy the company of others. By using hideaway furniture, you can create a serene sense of minimal calm absolutely clear of unnecessary items.
A white cube divides the living space into five zones; one of course being the relaxation area inside the cube and the other four on either side.
The central core of the room, the cube contains a live tree, and pebbles, to sit back and relax, meditate, and withdraw from the day to day. It is illuminated thanks to the skylight in the ceiling.

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