Minami-hayama Duo by Nakae Architects

Minami-hayama Duo is a minimalist home located in Kanagawa, Japan, and designed by Nakae Architects. More spectacular than the residence is the beautiful surrounding, replete with hills, valleys, trees, and traditional housing. The residence looks at Mt. Fuji on one side, and Sagami Bay on the other. This home consists of two separate blocks situated on a Y-intersection. The two sites had to be divided up, and varies in size, dimension, and shape.
If you remember about a month ago, I wrote about Minami-hayama Solo, which is another minimalist home by Nakae that overlooks awesome views. This sequel is even better than the last – there is beauty in every direction you see. I have to hand it to Sakaguchi, the photographer, for capturing these amazing images.

Name: Minami-hayama Duo
Designer: Nakae Architects
Location: Kanagawa, Japan

Source, credits, details and more at: leibal.com



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