Modern dwelling in Porto, Portugal

How to turn a confined single room urban dwelling into a house? With artistic dash and brave, imaginative ingenuity, of course. The answer to this question is introduced to us by the architects from URBAstudios. The modern-day reality of smaller and smaller living spaces, especially in cities, pushes the borders of the imagination and creativity of architects and designer’s worldwide – we have introduced to you some amazing and creative examples mainly from Asia, but this time the topic lead us to an XIXth century building in the historical center of the city of Porto, Portugal. So explore it with us.
Space is visually divided into two zones horizontally (the white and the green one) and two floors vertically expanding the space towards the pitched roof of the attic. The green zone includes the entrance of the apartment, the bathroom and the small kitchenette where the white “Estremoz” marble of the counter and a part of the wall stands out, adding personality to this area.

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